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Law & Order: Los Angeles

Post by Dex » 30 Sep 2010 19:20

Unlike Smash (omg a show about my home town!), I didn't record L&O:LA because it's in my county of California, but more because of the epic cast involved. I'll be honest, I've never seen a single episode of ANY Law & Order show before, so I'm not a fanboy, let alone a person with a biased opinion. And I hate LA.

Speaking of which, unlike Detroit 1-8-7, the characters in L&O:LA were very likable, and the plot was very simple, yet complex. Skeet and his partner were spot on detectives. I could have watched 4 hours of those two doing their job. It was entertaining and just the right amount of crime + charisma that a cop show needs. Molina and his partner as the DA and ADA were equally spectacular, giving the show just enough variety that is sorely missed in most crime shows. Perhaps this is how most L&O programs are; again, this is my first, but I wasn't bored or annoyed for a single second. I enjoyed this show thoroughly, and I suggest that everyone record the pilot when it re-airs this weekend, or find a torrent online.
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