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Re: Post that shit on your Livejournal

Post by Seriously » 24 Nov 2007 23:51

Well I had a pretty shitty Thanksgiving.

Normally I drive down to be with my Dad (he's basically my only family) and on the actual day he plops two cheap steaks on a Foreman grill at lunchtime and that is Thanksgiving dinner.

Which is fine by me, family-oriented holidays are more hassles for me than anything nowadays. I would rather not get presents on Christmas because basically I don't really want things. If I do want something I get it myself, because it's easier to get what you want yourself than to make other people guess.

Plus I hate the guessing what to get other people. It's bad enough that my Dad is like me in the not-wanting-things department. Last Christmas I got him a shelf to put some of his CDs on and some new pillows, and that was honestly the best things I could have gotten him. I've already started thinking on what to get him this year, but it's kind of useless until I actually get down there and see what he needs.

Really the whole point of me going home for Christmas and Thanksgiving is that I'm going home.

But I didn't this time because my girlfriend was really insistent that I go to her family's Thanksgiving (apparently they really wanted to get to know me better) this year when I indicated I was worried about the cost of gas for the trip (I'm low on funding right now).

Now usually when her family has a get-together they go to her grandfather's lake house and it's an all-day affair. That's what I thought it was this time. But it turns out this year Thanksgiving was an hour-and-a-half at Ryans where nobody spoke to me.

Seems kind of like a waste of my time when I only see my Dad 3-4 times a year.

So basically the rest of the day was me watching marathons on TV by myself, feeling guilty about not going home.

Good stuff.

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Re: Post that shit on your Livejournal

Post by smash » 25 Nov 2007 20:33

this should set the stage with your girlfriend to decide any future Thanksgivings. However, you are probably going to have to compromise the Christmas holiday for her family.

A tactic to take with your gf next year are any (or all of the following):
"My dad and I are all the family we have for each other so I'd really like to spend it with him"
"My dad and I have a long standing tradition of spending thanksgiving hurt him I wasn't there last eyar"

That way you don't make it about or snobbish family.

Anyway, that sucks, Seriously. I actually like Thanksgiving, but this year I was still feeling sick, fighting a recurring cough, windburnt on my face (from spending hours outdoors hunting), tired, cranky and hungry. When I got my to my mom's I found that my brother DID stop by (unannounced) and I had been waiting to look at his laptop I gave him. It wasn't playing DVDs. Had he let me know he was coming by, I would have gladly brought my cd drive cleaner with me to fix it.

The best part of Thanksgiving? Left over turkey, stuffing, cranberry sammichs!

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Re: Post that shit on your Livejournal

Post by Seriously » 25 Nov 2007 23:43

Actually they're pretty nice people, except for her Dad but he's not invited to things.

This was more a breakdown in communication I think, they don't really know I don't have much family and don't see them often and she wasn't aware this Thanksgiving was going to be so casual and low-key until basically the night before.

But I decided that I still got to be irritated with the end result.

But it is true that there will be no more discussion over where I spend my holidays. A grand total of a week-and-a-half out of the entire year? Well, probably about 4 or 5 days now (that is as long as my Dad and I can really continously stand each other).

The way things are I see her family more than I see mine.

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