The best piece of porn you have seen/heard

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The best piece of porn you have seen/heard

Post by Alexxx » 19 Oct 2015 12:06

I got a question which may be simple to answer. What is the best piece of porn you ever watched/heard? By best I mean, the lighting was perfect, the ambiance was drawing you in closer, the performers in their prime.
I mean a scene that gets your heart pounding even after watching it several times. A scene so good that every time the female performer touches the male performers cock in any way, it makes your own throbs.
It doesn't have to be male/female scenes, It doesn't necessary have to be video, it could be audio or even a story which has done someone similar for you.
A clip that done it for me was an old Jill Kelly which I watched a long time ago. Struggling to find any movies to compare.
Had better success with audio, Some of Isabella Valentines material sets me up really go.

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