Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Post by The Deadly Superman » 04 Jan 2008 10:54

I got a PS3 for x-mas, and this is the first game I bought, and it is pretty damn awesome.

I've been a fan of Naughty Dog since the first Crash Bandicoot (they sold the character rights after Crash Team Racing, the monstrosities on PS2 and onwards are not their fault.), and continuing to the Jak & Daxter series, and now to this one.

The game is beautiful graphically. The trees, the lighting, the decaying ancient buildings, the water, the jeans getting soaked by said water, the brick patterns of walls, the moss between the said bricks, the characters' faces, their eyes. The detail is amazing, no cheap texture skins here. (to see the exact opposite, look to Harry Potter and the Order. Downloaded the demo: Bag Of Assholes.)

Gameplaywise, Wikipedia makes a good description of it being kind of a hybrid of Tomb Raider, and Gears of War. it has jumping, swimming, climbing, and jet skis and the solving of puzzles like Tomb Raider, while it has a take-cover fighting system similar to Gears of War. There's no health bar, only colors. As you take damage, the world fades closer and closer to grayscale. Taking cover away from gunfire makes the world to return to being beautiful and vibrant. Then you kill some more people.

Your character can only carry up to 2 guns: one in the "hand gun" slot, and one in the "rifle" slot, and up to 4 grenades at any time. The handgun has your standard 9mm, desert eagle, things of that nature. While the rifle category is the big guns; shotguns, AK47s, m79 grenade launchers. He also can't carry a lot of spare ammo for he is in the middle of a jungle, and forgot to bring a backpack, duffle bag, or ammo carrying device. Luckily, your enemies have a habit of leaving spare ammo around their campsites, and their dead, bloody corpses.

There's also some melee combos in there. There you have the [Square][Square][Square]s, and the [Square][Triangle][Square]s, things of that nature.

Personally, I like the [Square][R1][Square], in which you bust a bitch in his jaw, then you bust a cap in his ass, then you punch him again. (for good measure.)

The storyline is pretty cool too. It is kind of the classic, adventurous treasure-hunter story, similar to Indiana Jones. And by "classic" I mean it involves El Dorado, Nazis, and it gets weird at the end.

There are also unlockables of infinite ammo, special weapons, that can be unlocked by "reward points" which you get by discovering treasure (which is usually in a corner, or out of the way loaction, and it only a tiny glint on the ground. I discovered like 40 out of the 60 so far.) or doing certain things like 50 kills with the weapons, certain number of headshots.

Kind of short, I beat it in 2 days on medium mode. Of course I played it for 9+ hours on those days each. I'll probably play it again on hard mode, or the hardest mode (which has a clever name that I can't remember) and to unlock more stuff.

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