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Post by psyper » 21 Nov 2009 09:24

I got pissed off with my windows xp machine and decided that it was time to invest in getting a legitimate legal copy of windows 7. Looked too expensive and I started to think about getting a new PC which has win7 already installed just to justify the expense. Then I thought fuck that its time to go open-source and free so I wiped a partition and installed Ubuntu 9.10.

Been using it for about a week and considering all I do with my pc is web stuff, download movies, play music & sync my ipod I'm doing okay! Had to install Wine for newsleecheras I have a supersearch account which I like. That and the fact that my graphics card isn't 'fully' supported 'properly'. I've been supporting and using windows since 3.11 days so its interesting to switch to something that is so erm different.

Anyone else delved in to Ubuntu or Linux in general?
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