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by AngelBaby
24 Feb 2011 13:18
Forum: Tech!
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by AngelBaby
23 Feb 2011 02:57
Forum: Television!
Topic: Firefly
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Re: Firefly

I've always just hoped that Joss would one day get to make a second feature film, the idea of Firefly coming back as a series makes me dizzy with excitement. :wub:
by AngelBaby
22 Feb 2011 04:19
Forum: Television!
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Updated Top 5:

1. Fringe
2. Justified
3. The Walking Dead
4. Hawaii Five-O
5. Grey's Anatomy (I'm still allowed one girly show)

Honorable mention: House, Bones, Burn Notice, Human Target, Castle, Smallville, Detroit-187, Southland, White Collar, Being Human (US version)
by AngelBaby
22 Feb 2011 03:57
Forum: Talk!
Topic: Link Dump!
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Re: Link Dump!

My milkshake brings all the ponies to the yard...
by AngelBaby
15 Feb 2011 08:17
Forum: Seriously?
Topic: Seriously funny YouTube videos!
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Re: Seriously funny YouTube videos!

The entrance lasted longer than the fight. :lol:
by AngelBaby
15 Feb 2011 05:13
Forum: Babes!
Topic: Alison Haislip
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Re: Alison Haislip

Dex is gonna love you (more than he already does) for this.
by AngelBaby
12 Feb 2011 05:25
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Topic: Fringe
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Re: Fringe

I had managed to forget about it, until you brought it up.

by AngelBaby
11 Feb 2011 08:06
Forum: Movies!
Topic: X-Men: First Class
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Re: X-Men: First Class

Okay...that looks kickass.
by AngelBaby
11 Feb 2011 08:03
Forum: Television!
Topic: An Idiot Abroad
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Re: An Idiot Abroad

There are minor pieces of his thoughts on each episode on An Idiot Abroad, where I happen to completely agree with him. Do you find yourself doing that or not at all? I've only seen China and India thus far, but I do catch myself nodding in agreement with some of his observations (especially about ...
by AngelBaby
05 Feb 2011 14:47
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Topic: TV NEWS
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NBC has canceled Chase & The Cape. 10 episodes of The Cape have already been wrapped, so they will continue to air those (this Monday is episode 6) until The Event returns March 7th. Guess I'm glad that I never got into Chase, even though the couple of episodes I saw were pretty good. As far as The...
by AngelBaby
24 Jan 2011 12:33
Forum: Television!
Topic: Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan
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Re: Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan

Karl's commentary on Chinese "food" and public toilets had me in loltears.
by AngelBaby
24 Jan 2011 04:19
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Topic: Happy B-day, Gulliver!
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Re: Happy B-day, Gulliver!

Oh noes, we missed Gully's birfday! :waugh:

Happy belated! ^_^
by AngelBaby
24 Jan 2011 04:17
Forum: Television!
Topic: Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan
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Re: Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan

Watched the preview and first ep of An Idiot Abroad late last night.

Epic lulz.
by AngelBaby
23 Jan 2011 12:44
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Topic: Happy B-day, Psyper!
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Re: Happy B-day, Psyper!

Wee...another year closer to the grave!

Happy birthday, pervboy!
by AngelBaby
22 Jan 2011 03:04
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Topic: The Dark Knight Rises
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises

Bullet points? What the fuck are you talking about? I just don't think it would fit. But then I again I was surprised at Ledger getting the Joker role. Hey what the fuck do I know. Maybe Hathaway will overdose on some prescription drugs an this film just might be as successful as The Dark Knight. A...