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by gulliver
08 Aug 2006 21:49
Forum: Talk!
Topic: This place is a sausage fest.
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I like sausage.

In curry sauce. Yum!
by gulliver
08 Aug 2006 21:48
Forum: Television!
Topic: Best Comedy Series!
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Why has'nt anyone mentioned Knightrider?

Hasslehoff's acting and the shitty dialogue was the funniest thing Ive ever seen.
by gulliver
08 Aug 2006 21:44
Forum: Music!
Topic: Secret Pleasures
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Duran Duran - A view to a kill :oops:

Christ I cant believe I just admitted that.
by gulliver
08 Aug 2006 21:29
Forum: Talk!
Topic: this forum needs more subforums!
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A travel forum might bring up some interesting discussions/stories.