Dream movie crossovers

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Post by UncleMao » 29 Oct 2005 07:58

What movies crossovers would you like seeing?

1) Batman vs. Saw

Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon are alarmed by a sadistic escapee from Arkham Asylum known as Jigsaw. Already 3 high society members have been made victims of Jigsaw's sadistic games, killing themselves in manipulative ritualized puzzles of Jigsaw's cruel design. Batman stays out of the picture, until one day... when Albert goes missing and a mysterious blood splattered note, is found for Bruce in Wayne manor.

2) Aliens vs Predator (REDUX)
Ripley's clone returns to earth, landing on a deserted stip of what used to be Las Vegas. Unfortunately it's desolate. Trekking the desert they stumble over the debris of a Weyland-Yutani transport facility. Within, hundreds of broken facehugger capsules enclosed in "Military Equipment" containers.

In the distance... in what looks to be the melding of a desert outcropping and the entrance of a pulsating alien lair, storms forth a swarm of black shapes in the starlit desert. Ripley's crew say their last prayers. But from behind them come a posse firing and fighting the oncoming drones in modified range rovers and jeep cherokees.

Until a strange triple dot infrared triangle scans over the desert from far away atop the remnants of the Montecito Resort and Hotel Casino...

3)Miyazaki and SquareSoft present: Blade Runner.
In a virtual Japanese cinematic wet dream, Hiyao Miyazaki and the Final Fantasy animation crew embark on a remake of the greatest cyberpunk movie of all time...

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Post by efilflah » 01 Nov 2005 22:35

Jack vs Ash

Two of movie's best Anti-heros, reluctantly thrown together to fight an Army of the dead raised by a group of Lo'pan's lackeys.

Directed by John Carpenter pls kthx.

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Post by Phife » 02 Nov 2005 03:46

Cujo vs. Beethoven vs. Hooch

It would make feel like I was in a basement in Brooklyn.

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Post by Nevar » 02 Nov 2005 13:08

Original Seven Samurai vs. Entire family of Yakuza Papers....

Aliens vs. Gremlins.........

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