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Post by puzzlehead » 26 Jan 2006 11:47

So, most anyone who follows the NBA knows that Kobe Bryant threw down 81 points the other night. Against the Raptors. Some say that he'll one day overcome Wilt Chamberlain's 100+ point game. Others say he's a egomaniacal ball hog.

Commentators are quick to point out that if he played the Raptor's every night then, sure, he'll overcome the 100+ point barrier. He also has the luxury of being able to throw down 3-pointers whereas the old schoolers didn't (ok, except for Jordan's 60+ point game).

Should Kobe be concerned about sharing the ball? Is this all about winning? Or was this a one time thing where he was just in the zone and everyone let him walk away from the buffet with a full plate?

btw - leave my metaphors alone. You know what I mean.

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Post by Phife » 26 Jan 2006 15:30

Kobe is a great player and he is the only top tier player on the Lakers...thus he is gonna score a lot. I mean, the guy took 46 shots...that's more than most regulars take in 2 or maybe 3 games!

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Post by puzzlehead » 27 Jan 2006 08:59

Ok, he's the only top tier player on the Lakers. Why? Could it be because there isn't enough room for both Kobe's ego and someone else's? Look at what happened between him, Jackson and Shaquille. I'm surprised Jackson even came back to coach the Lakers. See...that's what you get for marrying into the owner's family.

Their off season acquisition of Kwame Brown was a joke. Why in the world would they give up someone of the caliber of Caron Butler? Because they needed another big man who would essentially be Kobe's bitch?

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