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by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:15
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Who tolded u 340 million budget? Was not. Under 250 w marketing. Fact. No sir. When you include the payouts to all the pay or play contracts: prepaid dollars to previous writers, directors and actors, the final total was $340 million, give or take. <a href=',6115,1...
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:14
Forum: Film
Topic: Mao's list of Commie endorsed flicks
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UncleMao wrote:New 10.

1 Click
2 Slither (heh)
3 The 3 burials of "insert filthy mexican name"
4. Over the Hedge
5. MI:3 (it could have been hell worse)

Yup. There wasnt even 10 decent films to rub together in the last 3 months. Hollywood has been fag.
Yeah whatever FUCK hollywood.

by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:13
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Topic: justxpl
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Eamon Angelface wrote:Image
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:12
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Topic: AngelBaby's lil spoilers
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<span style='color:blue'>Aliens (1986) and Alien³ (1992) After Ripley risks her life to save them in Aliens, Newt and Hicks are unceremoniously killed off in their cryosleep tubes by the opening of the 3rd film in the series. Quite possibly the biggest travesty in movie history. :veryangry: </span>...
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:10
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Topic: Marathon viewing records
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Smash wrote:
UncleMao wrote:Deadwood season 2.

At least it wasn't as bad as Dex described to me.

Stupid Dex.

It was pretty fucking bad...

"Can you make water, Al?"

Wah, he liked it you didn't...
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:09
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Pitchit wrote:I didn't read all that but I assume that it describes your job at the drive thru.


by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:04
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Eyeballs rock.
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:03
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BlackMage wrote:Thats because you missed the entire point.. which was lost in the confusion of the bickering.

The device could be used to pick up light as it moves through the air... acting as a sensor of a sorts.
As much as I'd like to agree with you.

RF would work much better...
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:02
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Topic: I bought a new monitor
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Eamon Angelface wrote:
rick wrote:Car, House, TV, Blow... you know, the important things.

My monitor seems less worthy fo a whole post now.


You pwn.
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:01
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Topic: Go to Hell and die.
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inplainview wrote:
JustSumDude wrote:<span style='font-family:tahoma'><span style='color:green'>
Wash my pubes.</span></span>
After you suck my cock


hawt ;)
FUCK YOU COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

I was counting on you!!!!
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 07:00
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Smash wrote:
puzzlehead wrote:
Smash wrote:Heh.&nbsp; To the Penalty Box with you!
:o&nbsp; I just realized I could make that a whole dirtier. :D
Sounds like you're talking about my ex-wife's naughty bits.
Sheesh. 2 trips to the altar already in your lifetime? :o


by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 06:59
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Topic: NBA Playoffs
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Phife wrote:BALLS
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 06:58
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Topic: NHL Rookie of the Year
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mikesisgod wrote:rich rookie class.

i like jussi jokinen, but i'm partial to dallas.

imagine if a playmanker/passer like crosby was on the same line as a finisher like ovechkin.
I'll agree with mike because he sounds like he knows what he's talking about.
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 06:57
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JustSumDude wrote:<span style='font-family:tahoma'><span style='color:green'>Go Dodgers!</span></span>
by inplainview
17 Jul 2006 06:56
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JustSumDude wrote::mellow: