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by Christopher911
23 Jun 2006 14:07
Forum: Television
Topic: That's So Raven
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In regards to JoJosStalker, might i suggest a high caliber rifle, as i feel anything else might just bounce off or become lodged in a fat layer. A bulldozer or astro van might also work....maybe....
by Christopher911
03 Sep 2004 06:51
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Topic: Legend In The Making
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Ok i had just gotten done watching Psycho Girl for the bazillionth time and i headed over to my tv. And thats when i saw it. It was a commercial for Wicker Park. A new movie featuring a girl who is obsessed with Matt Damon. Anyone see the coincidences here? A psycho girl in love with a matt??? Maybe...
by Christopher911
06 Jul 2004 13:38
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Topic: Ahhh i knew it
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Some1 up above though did point out the pertinent fact that like 2 years ago Lindsay was flat as a board. Now i know that a helluva lot of things can happen in 2 years, but i mean the vast difference in chest size does add some credence to the idea that they are implants....
by Christopher911
06 Jul 2004 13:31
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Topic: Hi Res Ashlee Simpson
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I agree with Justin entirely!!!! Id smack that bitch silly with my penis till she cried for mercy!!! And then, id bamboozle her by offering her tuna and calling it chicken, Plus i already know itd work cuz it worked on her sister. Ha! the evil plan seems to be working P.s. u should have an insane lo...