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by davved
23 Jun 2005 06:07
Forum: Videogames
Topic: Nintendo POWER!
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what the fuck was wrong with the N64?
by davved
18 Jun 2005 09:09
Forum: Music
Topic: expand your horizons
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<a href='' target='_blank'>Music Plasma</a>
type your favorite band in and it gives you a list of various bands who sound/play similar to them
by davved
18 Jun 2005 09:03
Forum: Sports
Topic: NBA Playoffs
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viewership is down 24% for this years finals.

i personally stopped caring about them when dwyane stopped playing -_-
by davved
30 Jan 2005 13:11
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: I Miss Making Out
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i miss going to the movies and not remembering what movie i had just watched when i came out..

and holding hands in 7th grade. those were the days.

edit: ooh ooh and dodgeball in gym, especially pegging the girl you liked in the face repeatedly
by davved
01 Jan 2005 21:09
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Kiki's boobs
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mmm.. nipples
by davved
11 Dec 2004 14:52
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Hi Res Jessica Biel
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anyone else catch her on jay leno tonight? damn she was looking fine..

maybe thats just b/c she was sitting next to terry bradshaw, though..
by davved
09 Dec 2004 11:28
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Lindsay Lohan's Drivers License and Credit Card?
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in ohio and texas i know that under 21 your license is vertical, and at 21 it changes to the horizontal one in that

dunno in cali tho..