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by KlaudeSmith
04 Sep 2005 13:04
Forum: General Banter
Topic: The Drunken Thread
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~vjay~ wrote:I'm tipsy, i can post in here now

I am all alone,
I am bored

I am lonely
Hey, I'm lonely, bored, all alone and drinking PBR!

What are the odds?

by KlaudeSmith
04 Sep 2005 12:42
Forum: Rants
Topic: Ahem. Spam.
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lWhat I wanna know is who is into lawn mower porn?  And what exactly is christian porn? Lawn mower porn, it's the in thing if you are a yokel. <a href='' target='_blank'> </a> That's the last time I lend you my back issue...
by KlaudeSmith
07 Nov 2004 16:58
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Fill in the blank!
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Any talk about radical right-wing fascism in this election is laughably ill-informed and probably comes from the ganja-baked brains of sixties burnout profs. Now that's tolerance. I feel all warm and fuzzy already. How was I to know that republicans were all shaking in fear because I don't like GWB...