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by ninbw
10 Nov 2005 19:01
Forum: Music
Topic: 5 Albums That Changed Your Life..
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In no particular order

Face to Face : Don't Turn Away
NIN : Pretty hate Machine
NoFX : So Long and Thanks for the Shoes
Thrice : Identity Crisis
M-Flo : Astromantic
by ninbw
10 Nov 2005 18:39
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Help my roommate might be an ass
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Seriously wrote:
BlackMage wrote:Again, the only thing flaming about you is your homo-erotic posts. Shut the fuck up.
<span style='color:maroon'>Sex with men!</span>

by ninbw
10 Nov 2005 18:32
Forum: General Banter
Topic: The Intro Thread
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What the hell? No one told me the forums were back in use, DAMN YOU ALL.
by ninbw
26 Mar 2005 13:03
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Retiring the site
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Holy CRAP!

So confused, where am I? Did my Delorean really take me back in time?
by ninbw
11 Nov 2004 19:03
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Halo 2 Xbox Live
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I've been playing for hours on the servers and they seem to hold just fine, had one case of lag and level restart, only took about 30 seconds, if that.