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by Wonderyak
09 Jul 2005 14:43
Forum: Film
Topic: The Godfather
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The Godfather 1 and 2 are two of the best movies ever made. But, I love epics.
by Wonderyak
30 Jun 2005 07:47
Forum: Music
Topic: XM radio
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I have Sirius, and am not a Stern fan at all. There are some interesting morning shows that make my commute a little easier (like the Radio Chick Show), but as a whole I like it for having all of the NFL, NHL and NBA games on. They even offer both team's hometown broadcasts.
by Wonderyak
29 Jun 2005 21:26
Forum: Debates
Topic: old "big boobed" Lindsey Lohan vs. new Hilary duff
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Old Lohan is much better than Duff. I just can't get down with cankles.