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by hugz4thugz
21 Mar 2006 01:01
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Topic: NHL Rookie of the Year
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Ovechkin will take the rookie of the year by a mile. One goal? Try 43 goals compared to Crosby's 31. and Ovechkins +2 to Crosbys -7 in +/-. I'm not even sure that Crosby is the second best rookie, I'm sort of leaning that title towards Marek Svatos of CO. And did you see how Ovechkin killed it in th...
by hugz4thugz
30 Dec 2004 04:53
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Hi Res Denise, Jessica & Emmy
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if you were a disney channel nerd like me (which many of you were, so you could watch hilary duff and ren stevens) you should know that emmy rossum was that chick in the disney channel "genius" movie. its the one with the kid whos like all smart and likes hockey. well anyways she was really hot in i...