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18 04 2005

I wonder if Bryan Singer is gonna have his name in the credits of King Kong. Might be the start of a new trend. Like with Sin City and QT’s special guest director credit.

If you didn’t already know, Peter Jackson’s been keeping video blogs of the production shoot on King Kong. And on day 131, Peter just got tired. And he just didn’t have it in him to stay fully awake that day. So he calls up Bryan Singer to help out.

Now Bryan’s also been keeping a video blog of his own too for his Superman shoot.

And these are the two video blogs from both directors of that one particular day on the King Kong shoot.

Peter Jackson calls, Bryan Singer answers.

So cool. Bryan seems like an awesome guy. And Peter even got Frank Darabont on some special guest directing action too.


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9 responses to “Special guest directing”

    18 04 2005
  • 1.  Dex (04:51:24) :

    I love Bryan Singer, but X-men 3 is gonna suck without him directing it.

    And as far as QT on Sin City, I saw a ton of ads that said “guest director: Quentin Tarantino” and thats what got a lot of people to go see the movie. Most people I talked to (at work) thought QT directed the whole thing, and had no idea who Frank Miller or Robert Rodriguez were.

  • 18 04 2005
  • 2.  Observant (04:52:48) :

    Too tired to direct? Fat guys sweat tying their shoes. I could see how directing a major motion picture could result in massive fluid loss.

  • 18 04 2005
  • 3.  Dex (05:04:17) :

    Peter Jackson lost so much fucking weight.

  • 18 04 2005
  • 4.  Justin (05:06:06) :


  • 18 04 2005
  • 5.  DArK SAgE (06:33:42) :

    WOW peter jackson looks anorexic compared to his former “lard ass” self :O

  • 18 04 2005
  • 6.  DisconcertedGeorge (11:05:22) :

    damn, PJ lost a lot of weight carrying all those oscars around.

    And in totally unrelated news – It’s Electronic Gamestop Boutique now.


  • 19 04 2005
  • 7.  JustSumDude (01:20:03) :

    Peter Jackson looks almost unrecognizable.

    Justin’d hit it. :O

  • 19 04 2005
  • 8.  Justin (01:44:48) :

    i’d hit it with a sammich

    give that man something to eat!

  • 19 04 2005
  • 9.  ShoeStringBudget (06:03:25) :

    singer a nice guy? so i guess all the stories of him being a queen on the set of xmen were totally false.

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